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Google Tag Assistant for Chrome

If you use multiple tracking tags on your site for Google based products eg: AdWords Conversion Tracking AdWords Remarketing DoubleClick FloodLight Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager Then a handy little tool which will help ensure your tags are correctly implemented is Google Tag Assistant, a plugin for Google Chrome.

How to view data sent to Google Analytics

So in my previous post the basics of web analytics I showed you how the Google Analytics javascript is used to retrieve information about the visitor and the content they are interacting with on your website, then in the follow up post called Google Analytics Cookies and their values I discussed how cookies were used […]

Google Analytics Cookies and their values

In the previous article I showed you how to view Google Analytics cookies using Chrome Developer tools. You’ll notice first of all that there isn’t 1 cookie used by Google Analytics, and also each of these cookies has a unique name. If you look under the ‘value’ column you can see the actual contents of […]

Google Analytics – The Basics of Web Analytics

Google Analytics is based on a very simple form of data collection. A tracking pixel, beacon, pixel tracking tag etc.. you may have heard these terms before and these are all interchangeable terms that essentially mean the same thing.

Why should you track Goals with Web Analytics?

Understanding your website users is an important part of managing any website. You don’t have to be selling online either to benefit from web analytics as I will show in the following article. Understanding goals and funnels and why they are important should be a top priority for anyone who has invested money into a […]


Gavin Doolan has been working with Google Analytics since it's launch in 2005.