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Comparing Open Source Content Management Systems

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4 Responses to “Comparing Open Source Content Management Systems”

  1. […] the situation. Just call a plugin a plugin. I’ve actually written up an article about Joomla. Comparing Open Source Content Management Systems – Gavin Doolan I plan to cover Drupal next and discuss how it works. You should really really look into Drupal […]

  2. drupal is the best 🙂

  3. Yes, I didn’t get around to finishing this article. I do apologise to anyone who visits this site. I have since built a website using Drupal and I can say that so far I’m most impressed with Drupal because its so flexible and can do almost anything I need it to with the Views / CCK / ImageCache / ImageField modules.

    I will try and finish this article up and review Drupal and give advice as to who I think should use it.

    I will eventually convert all my websites from Joomla / WordPress / Coppermine Gallery / SMF Forum to Drupal because Drupal can do all the above and more.

  4. Hello David,

    I notice you’re already using Drupal. I’m running a forum (about 3000 users, near 70 000 posts) and I am thinking in migrating to Drupal. I know you have to go throught SMF > PHPBB > Drupal, tell me, did you have problems with the passwords? I think SMF use a different way to encrypt than PHPBB and Drupal.

    Please advice,


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