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Discovering Long Tail Keywords For Low Cost Keywords

Its been a little while since I last posted here, mainly because I’ve been busy studying Drupal an excellent open source content management system. I have also been playing with Goals and Filters in Analytics and I’m waiting on some data to build up before I report on that, but for now I thought I […]

Browser Statistics and Other Metrics for Irish Web Users

Web User Stats in Ireland For March 2008 Recently on the Irish web master forums there was a question regarding web browser usage in Ireland. After having looked for data and not being able to find much, (except for this article, which is a few years old) I decided to share some data provided by […]

Hiring an SEO – In house or Outsource?

You have worked hard to establish your business, you know that hiring the right people is important but at the same time you sometimes need to outsource certain elements of your business because everyone else is just too busy to handle more work! You have heard a lot of hype about online marketing , but […]

Is too much advertising killing your website?

Its a difficult position for anyone running a website, you have the costs of web hosting, domain names and development time. So how do you fill the gap and make some money off all your expenses? Many developers choose to compensate by running advertising on their website. Fair enough really, but is there such a […]